VIM3L UI Scaling for TS050 touchscreen & more resolutions in the settings

Hi @Terry, Khadas team and fellow community members.
Hope you are all doing well during this hard times.
I’ve got a couple of questions regarding my VIM3L
Is there any way I can scale up the text and icons in VIM3L when using the TS050 touchscreen? The text and icons are too small and hard to read.

Also I’ve tried connecting other displays via HDMI and seems that the resolutions are not supported out of the box. One of my displays is 7 inch 1024x600 and the other one is 10.1 inch 1280x800 from Sunfounder. Both of these resolutions are probably the most populars for external displays. Any plans to add native support in the next Android build?

You can change lcd density from 280 to 320.

Yes, we will add VESA resolution support, but need more times.

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Thank you @Terry

do I get it right that I should do the following?
adb pull vendor/build.prop xxx/build.prop(Specified directory)
modify “ro.sf.lcd_density=280” to 320

adb push xxx/build.prop(Specified directory) vendor/build.prop
adb shell

Yes, you are right. :grinning:

Dear @Terry I was trying to pull the build.prop using the commands but I’m getting Permission Denied error. Is it possible that there is no root access? The firmware version is [VIM3L_Pie_V200320]

root is, you just want to edit build.prop

@Vladimir.v.v после того как ввел adb root получилось. но панель навигации поплыла 2d1b1139a53fec56c83148d83f1a996e588f1c9e_2_690x388

Попробовал поиграться с adb shell wm size и wm density но исправить не получилось.
С родным разрешением и плотностью текст не читается и иконки слишком маленькие.

Issue with root was fixed after using adb root command. however after changing the density the navbar got messed up. Also tried playing with adb shell wm size and wm density but still no results.
When using the default resolution and density the text is too small to read comfortably

I think Терри can add more information

I will try to fix this issue on next release version. :smile:


Thanks @Terry it would be great!
Do you have any ETA? I understand things are a bit messy because of this Covid-19 situation.
By the way, any plans to include Sipmanager service in any of the upcoming builds?
Thanks anyway.

I have fixed the navbar issue. About the Sipmanager, we haven’t a plan to do it. :grinning:

dear @Terry. Looks good. Thanks again. When will the new firmware be available for downloading?

We will release the new firmware in June. :grinning:


@Terry You’re my hero :slight_smile:

Hi @Terry, I flashed the latest release but there are still some issues.
When changing the lcd_density=280” to 320 the navigation bar and bottom icons still jump to the right side. Also the labels under icons disappear.

There is an option in default android settings that allow to change the font and icon size. Isn’t it possible to keep the default settings menu as well like @superceleron did in his build?
Frankly speaking I believe that the ideal ROM for the VIM3L would be a combination of the stock and @superceleron’s rom

We will add support for it on next release ROM.

We don’t hava a plan do it, and you can try to modify the source code by yourself.

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