VIM3L SAR ADC Driver writing to serial!

How can I do it myself? I can’t deliver my product with this limitation…

Please see the reply before, you CAN’T disable the information from the close source blobs.

can you explain me a bit more, I am not understanding why is not possible…

If I can’t use pins 19 and 18, how can I use other UART pins?

can something like this work?

u-boot is open-source so you can configure it, patch it, and generally do anything you like to remove the boot-time output. However to boot u-boot you need to sign the bootloader with some lower level ARM/Amlogic proprietary binaries, and these are closed-source, any they generate output. As you have no sources for these components (only pre-compiled blobs) and they are not configurable, you cannot disable that output.


So I will have to move to another port or ask Amlogic (is that possible)?