[Vim3L] Not able ti Boot Manjaro Image

Hello Khadas Team,

@Gajjar_Tushar have been trying to get Manjaro To boot on his Vim3L but is unknown to do so.
I have tried my best to help him at Manjaro Arm forum as much I could understand from his use case.

I suspect the issue to be uboot conflict as he is having ubuntu 4.9 image on emmc while latest Manjaro Arm image used mainline uboot from Khadas teams binary.

Can someone guide him on how to enter into maskrom mode to allow sd card boot using mainline uboot present on manjaro arm image?

Manjaro Forum thread

@Spikerguy @Gajjar_Tushar You can directly clear the eMMC, and then insert the SD card.

  1. Remove SD, start, and stop in U-Boot interface.
  2. Run command store init 3.
  3. Insert SD card and power on again.