VIM3L: multi-stream hardware video decode... how?

With the VIM3L (S905D3), I can get hw-accelerated video decode (vdec) of a single h264 stream to work, with any of: Amlogic Libplayer examples (kplayer, ionplayer, esplayer, etc); mainline Linux v4l2m2m staging with ffmpeg/mpv, and/or Kodi/CoreELEC. Each will play a single h264 video stream.

I see that Amlogic Libplayer examples and Kodi actually use the multi-instance codec (ammvdec_h264, implemented in frame_provider/decoder/h264_multi/vmh264.c) and load the multi-instance firmware. However, I cannot get the Amlogic Libplayer examples to open mulltiple streams – they get an error on the 2nd stream, even when I modify the players to open the multi-stream-based port (/dev/amstream_vbuf_sched). And Kodi itself doesn’t let you play multiple streams at once.

The S905D3 datasheet states “Supports multi-video decoder up to 4x1080P@60fps”.
Does anyone have any way to actually test this… with any player, example code, test code, etc?
Has anyone ever seen this work?
Any tips appreciated.

I think they will only answer “easy” questions:/