[VIM3L] Details Needed for Android uboot

Hello Khadas Team,
I am trying to add support for Vim3L on Manjaro and as you’re aware we are still using bootscript which are to be used over existing android in emmc.

With Vim3l I am not able to use the chainloader image from sd card to solve greenscreen. When I use the chainloader the device enters a bootloop.

With USB Media it gets stuck at boot with complete green screen.
Without the chainloader I can boot into the OS and it works fine with green screen on.
After looking into the uboot coming with default android image I see that there are some unknown changes made to the uboot.

I will try to update the device to latest android firmware and see if that makes any difference.
Current firmware Build: Vim3L_Pie_20191030
Kernel: 4.9.113
USB Media Bootlog Here
SD Card Bootlog Here
Printenv Here:

We already have G31 support in mesa-git and I would love to get a working Manjaro Image for it.