VIM3L: booloader fail: DDR training error

My VIM3L has been working well for a few months, but recently started failing to boot with errors in DDR training.

I tried booting this krescue image[1] from the SD card, and I get the same errors.
A detailed log with all the bootloader errors is available here:


Do you make sure your board is VIM3L and not VIM3?
Do you can try to flash the Android ROM and give me feedback. Thanks!

Hi Kevin:
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Can you help to confirm again with the latest Android image as Terry posted above? As the board you have is the early prototype and with different DDR chipset which require timing patch for working.

@hyphop confirm with Terry to ensure that your repo already with the latest DDR timing.

Good day!

Hi @Terry @Gouwa ,

Yes, my board is a VIM3L. I also have a VIM3 which is working fine.

Unfortunately, I cannot try the Android image because that’s an image made for eMMC, and when the board is in upgrade (USB boot) mode, my PC is not detecting my board, so I cannot run the flashing/burning tools.

Is there an Android Image I could boot from an SD card?

Hello, Standard Android eMMC images can be installed using the Burn card maker. I have not used it on the VIM3L, but it has worked fine another VIM.

Would be nice to have linux instructions. I don’t have windows.

It might be possible for me to make the card and then upload the resulting files, if they’re not too big. You would need to format an SD card to fat32 if I recall.
I think I tried to do this before, I recall it being successful. Your choice.:slightly_smiling_face:
If so, I can check it tonight.
Update: @khilman So far I have not had luck with this. I will let you know if that changes.

If you have the time to create an SD image, I would be glad to try.

In order for it to be a bootable image, it needs to be a raw image (with partitions already created) and that I can directly write (e.g. using ‘dd’ on linux)


It will be a couple of hours until I get to the tech, will check then.

@khilman Please point out the image you want me to use.

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OK! krescue rebuilded with the latest DDR timing. plz download image again!

2019-12-04 06:32

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That boots fine on my VIM3L. Thanks!

@hyphop Oops, I spoke too soon. It booted fine the first time, but on the next reboots, I see DDR training failures, and then resets. Boot log here:

It seems to be kind of random. If I do multiple hard reboots, it will occasionally boot to u-boot and then into the rescue kernel, but most of the time it fails DDR training and resets multiple times.