VIM3L Android versions


My new (and first) VIM3L is arriving tomorrow along with Tone1 board and touchscreen.

If I choose to use Android as the OS, will I be stuck with Android 9.0 (Pie)?

I found this page, which suggests so:

But I have seen other versions mentioned in other posts, so I am confused.

Thanks for any info :blush:

The VIM3/VIM3L we currently release are all Android 9.0 system firmware

Okay thanks.
SO are you saying that it cannot be upgraded etc.?

When we upgrade to a higher Android system, we will publish it on the official website or forum as soon as possible. You can pay attention to it then. Thank you.

OK, so I assume there is nothing planned in the very near future - i.e. n the next month - as this will affect my project plan etc.?

@gar1234 there is AOSP images, but support cannot be ensured. For full hardware capabilities support, we suggest using Android 9 images for now.

When full support can be ensured, latest Android images can be expected.

ok thank you for your help