VIM3/VIM3L 64Bit Android ROM wanted

what are your impressions?

very good, i like it a lot still some bugs but nothing major, but major difference is really 64bits support


But how did you get it? Lol. The reason I’m so on this topic is being stuck on 32 bit is limiting what I can do with builds.

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Well because i got it from the company i work for :slight_smile:

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Ye… 1º time it’s happened in 3,5y im with them!
Anyway i got word they paid all today so all good again and back to work lol!


great news, Luis! I wish you good builds in the new year :slightly_smiling_face:


Necro! Lol, don’t want this topic getting lost.

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How’s progress going with this 64 bit version

It seems like there was information, you need to wait for android 10


Any more updates (even guesstimate dates would be apriciated)?


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@Terry, @superceleron?

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Guys, i do not work for khadas… you have to ask @Terry when they plan to move to android 10…
Im using android 10 for while now, but is google/amlogic own REAL and when i mean REAL is REAL AndroidTV 10 used on certified products.
Can’t say more than that.

Did not expect much and just glad for the response. :smile: Just was thinking maybe you could share any information (as it seemed you had some more knowledge about this). I see you are not related, so I can only wish you good luck with your work. :smile:

Hehe well i share what i can :slight_smile: but i still see lots of work still going on it, but should be near (i think don’t quote me on it)


why use android for neural networks and not just a linux server 64bits distro ?

Using it to control his android TV with hand gestures (guess)? If there is a tool someone will think how to use it.

It seems to be added on Q4 with android 11. Ask Us Anything

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So android 11 (64bit support) is a thing and you can build it, but it is bleeding edge.

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Vim 3 with 64 bit Android ha! That’s like wishing for the impossible. I like khadas but the community surrounding this board is nonexistent. Most everyone is unresponsive or not “allowed “ to share anything so why even bother. Raspberry Pi is weak compared to vim 3 but in terms of help and updates and community involvement- no comparison. I mean Android 12 can run on Rpi4!!! Seriously?!?! Khadas vim 3 still on 32 bit Android looking left in the dust by a much less capable and weaker board. Embarrassing


I agree but it is amlogics delay cause they didn’t seem to release newer sdk with 64bit.

Some companies have tried to port it themselve but that is not an easy task.

I think vendors needs to push the soc company to release sdk faster.