VIM3 Type-C and VIN Together


We want to give a 12V supply to the VIM3 Board Using a VIN connector and at the same time, we want to use the USB Type-C as an OTG function. How we can use the same.


please note with:
VIM3, V12 boards will directly connect the VIN voltage bus with the USB-C power lines,
and with 12v input via VIN, that would instantly burn or fry any of the USB-C peripherals attached, that work on a nominal 5v…

you have 2 options to fix the latter:

  1. you need to regulate your VIN voltage to around 5.2v max for optimal power delivery and any voltage drop due to the load on the USB-C port… or

  2. you should separate the USB-C power lines and regulate the power output from it, and supply only 5v and pass the data lines through.

you can choose from the two for an optimal solution

for v13 devices, you shouldn’t have those problems, and can procced with connecting them in standard
fasion, (connect VIN to 12v and use USB-C normally) as noted by the VIM3 V13 - What’s New blog post