VIM3 Segmentation fault with Tflite NPU

Hey all,

I have a model that was trained in Tf.keras and then converted to tflite it’s essentially mobilenetv2 without the last layer. I successfully convert using the tflite example however when I use KSNN api to call inference it gives me a seg fault. Any ideas?

Facing the same error (segmentation fault. core dumped) during onnx inference

model - resnet50
platform - onnx
quantized-dtype - dynamic_fixed_point
qdtype - int16

Working fine with asymmetric affine & dynamic_fixed_point (int8) as quantized-dtype

what did you use for convertion?

@Pedro_Fernandes Share me you model and you convert parameters. I will test it next week

I used the ksnn conversion script

./convert \
--model-name resnet18-v1 \
--platform onnx \
--model onnx_models/resnet18-v1.onnx \
--mean-values '103.94,116.78,123.68,58.82' \
--quantized-dtype dynamic_fixed_point --qtype int16 \
--kboard VIM3 --print-level 0

@Frank any reason for this behaviour? Does khadas not support int16 as of yet?

@johndoe I tested it, it can be converted or run, but the result is not correct (because my parameters have not been adjusted, they are still uint8 parameters)

python3 --model ~/resnet18.nb --library ~/ --picture data/goldfish_224x224.jpg --level 0
 |---+ KSNN Version: v1.2 +---| 
Start init neural network ...
Get input data ...
Start inference ...
Done. inference : 0.6531527042388916 s
-----TOP 5-----
[611]: 0.5673807859420776
[599]: 0.10485244542360306
[741]: 0.06157940998673439
[750]: 0.03895159438252449
[669]: 0.01403861679136753

@Frank I see. So some issue with the convert script itself then?

Here’s my model source


(npu-test) yan@yan-wyb:~/yan/git/khadas/about-npu/amlogic/aml_npu_sdk/acuity-toolkit/python$ ./convert --model-name resnet18 --platform onnx --model ~/yan/tmp/resnet18-v1-7.onnx  --mean-values '103.94,116.78,123.68,58.82' --quantized-dtype dynamic_fixed_point --qtype int16 --kboard VIM3 --print-level 1

I verified your model, the same, it can run, but the parameters are not adjusted, the result is incorrect

@Frank How can I fix this issue?

@johndoe I did not encounter a segfault, so I cannot reproduce your problem

@Frank Have there been any reports of similar segmentation faults in int16? Can you recommend me any first-hand principles to deal with it?

In case I’m able to handle the segmentation fault, how can I get past the wrong inference results?

@johndoe I didn’t encounter any errors, I just converted, and then used the resnet18 code in ksnn to verify. No changes to the model and code

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@Frank Got you. Will try to figure out some workaround

@johndoe Did you make any changes? I haven’t done any change to the test code. The original code can run. I’m sorry I can’t reproduce it, otherwise I can help you solve this problem

Even I didn’t make any changes in the code per se. I’m using the code in examples/pytorch directory :frowning_face:

@johndoe You try again, my test can be run, I don’t know if we missed something, which caused our test results to be different

@Frank I’m rerunning my script. Did you find any warning during conversion?

Also, has it got to do with the onnx version? I’ve got 1.6.0 in my host machine where the conversion script runs

My convert script

./convert \
--model-name resnet18-v1 \
--platform onnx \
--model onnx_models/resnet18-v1.onnx \
--mean-values '103.94,116.78,123.68,58.82' \
--quantized-dtype dynamic_fixed_point --qtype int16 \
--kboard VIM3 --print-level 1

My inference script

khadas@Khadas:~/onnx$ python3 --model ~/resnet18-v1/resnet18-v1.nb  --library ~/resnet18-v1/
#productname=VIPNano-QI, pid=0x88
Create Neural Network: 34ms or 34008us
Segmentation fault (core dumped)


./convert --model-name mnv2_tflite --platform tflite --model.tflite --mean-values '128,128,128,128' --quantized-dtype asymmetric_affine --kboard VIM3 --print-level 1```
this is my conversion script
import numpy as np
import os
import argparse
import sys
from ksnn.api import KSNN
from ksnn.types import *
import cv2 as cv
import IPython
import time

model = "/home/khadas/mnv2_tflite/mnv2_tflite.nb"
library = "/home/khadas/mnv2_tflite/"
model_knn = KSNN("VIM3")
model_knn.nn_init(library=library, model=model, level=0)
CSV_IMG = cv.cvtColor(np.ones((640,820,3), dtype=np.float32), cv.COLOR_RGB2GRAY)
cv2_im = []
outputs = model_knn.nn_inference(cv2_im, platform='TFLITE')
print(outputs, outputs[0].shape)

now the script I run for inference and please also find attached the tflite model

@Pedro_Fernandes I wiil test it next week