VIM3 pro with TS050

I installed Ubuntu-xfce-bionic_Linux-4.9_arm64_SD-USB_V20191231 on VIM3 Pro.
The connected TS050 touch screen shows no display function
Visualization is only possible with an HDMI monitor, whereby the touch of the TS050
remains active even during monitor operation …!
Are there additional settings in boot.ini or, necessary here …?
Thanks for help…!

I think this was already explained in some other post.

There is nothing extra needed. I had tested Ubuntu with Touch and it worked only in Portrait mode.

First I don’t work with Android but with Ubuntu 4.9 last version of 31.12.2019,
but with the SD-USB version!! Booting takes place via 16GB micro SD-Card.
I have 2 boards VIM3, Basic and Pro here.
Two TS050 and three black ribbon cables as combination cables for touch and display.
I can swap the cables, displays and boards for each other,
the result is the TS050 screen remains absolutely dark.
That all without connected HDMI monitor!!

However, the boot process seems to be running, because after about 20sec the white
LED of the VIM3 starts flashing as usual in 1 second Periode.


You need to remove HDMI cable if you want to use the LCD screen,

Thanks, but see my text above…
I followed the instructions from @Spikerguy !
The boards and the TS050 I use for this test are absolut new.
I think, the used cables are general OK, because Touch is always working!

Some more, is there a timetable for the possibility to use all four directions
of the TS050 LCD, mean portrait and landscape modes….?

Next message about tests after breake.

  1. I power up VIM3 board without HDMI connection
    only the TS050 LCD ist connected
    TS050 screen are black!

  2. after around 25 seconds flashes white LED on VIM3 board in 1 sec. period
    TS050 screen are black!

  3. Around three (3) minutes later I connected HDMI Monitor and he are direkt aktive
    booting Prozess are finished an hold in Prozess “wait for Password”

  4. It looks like TS050 LCD was never aktiv during booting Prozess


Have you tried the eMMC version?