VIM3 PRO CoreELEC mac address busy

Hello there, I have VIM3 pro as HTPC with CoreELEC 9.2.5 on eMMC. Board have ethernet connection to LAN network. After start I need to do two or more restarts to have network connection. Only thing I found when network is down is in System Info MAC addres busy.

Hello ! mac has nothing to do with it, first, do a factory reset and report.

Also clarify how you burned coreelec to eMMC?

Factory reset was last week. CoreELEC was burned from krescue SD card.

Well, if you write it in a standard way to sd/usb from the coreelec site, will it be the same?

Yes it’s the same.
Probably I cry on a wrong grave.
Thank you all.

Try also the “Nightly” build from coreelec.

I had tried “nightly” 18.9 and “nightly” 19.0 same situation.

Tell me how LAN behaves on Android?