VIM3 板子 OS08A10 电源

这个电源适配器为什么2种规格的功率吗?3Ax5V=15W ;9x2.67=24W,12x2=24W;

Khadas 24瓦电源是PD(Power Delivery)类型的电源。 当连接到支持PD的设备时,设备可以协商更大的电压。 例如,当连接到VIM3时,它将协商12V2A。

弗兰克说5V3A可以和相机一起使用。 我知道您有一个标为5V3A的电源,但是可以确定它实际上在3安培下提供5伏电压。 许多开关电源无法提供其标签上标明的电源。 我不知道这是否适用于您的特定供应,但是如果不进行测试,就无法知道。

The Khadas 24 watt power supply is a PD(Power Delivery) type power supply. When connected to devices that support PD, the device can negotiate for greater voltage. For instance, when connected to a VIM3, it negotiates for 12V2A.

Frank said 5V3A would work with the camera. I know you have a power supply that is labeled 5V3A, but can you be sure it is actually supplying 5 volts at 3 amps. Many of the switching type power supplies fail to provide the power stated on their label. I do not know if that is true for your particular supply, but without a test, it cannot be known.

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