VIM3, NPU and Android simple demo

Hi everyone,
I am trying find a simple detection demo on VIM 3 running an Android 9 using the NPU.

I have built the aml_npu_sdk (libs/armeabi-v7a/, but I wasn’t able to find neither a simple demo, or documention for Android that explains how to use this library.

The ‘aml_npu_demo_binaries’ repo only has Linux demos. :frowning:

Can someone please point me to either a demo and/or some resources that can help me?


Maybe @Terry will help yon on this

I believe that the existing NPU demos work only on Ubuntu till now.
Khadas website has a few listed examples on it such as tensorflow, darknet, yolo etc.


Hi, vadimv1144
We only release NPU demo for Ubuntu now, but we are already planning to release NPU demo on android. Maybe you can get it in a month. Thanks.

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Hi Terry, we actually have managed to build and run the Inception V2 demo on Android.
Will the NPU demo you plan to release include Yolo v3 model?

Hi Terry,
I’m looking for one that you were planning to release NPU demo on android so if you’ve already finished this job, can I get one?


We will release it in Q2 of 2021.
@jasonl Please pay attention to the time point of release


Would you please let me know directory of for android?
I compile the case code of inceptionv3 model using ndk-build. but when running it give linkage error.
It error that ** not found. when I find that lib in aml_npu and push it to /vendor/lib/ then it gives error for another .so file. where I can find all of these .so files and push to khadas?


You can find it in the source code of the firmware,for example ,vendor/amlogic/common/npu directory

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