VIM3 No HDMI Signal & SSH Suddenly Stopped

I use Acer P166HQL with max resolution of 1366x768.

well, thanks, for more accurate information, work on another OS, to understand that this is a hardware problem, not a software one and vice versa

Please note these are the only possible resolutions for VIM3,

Try another display with one of these resolutions,

I am really sure you are facing software problems, not hardware problems, But its good to cross verify once.

how much time is the timeout, and is it possible to fix this somehow?

I do not think that the problem is in the display, if it breaks on ssh

About 15 to 20 Mins, @Vladimir.v.v I believe you remember this event that happened just about 2-3 weeks back :grin:

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well that’s not normal of course

No no, timeout is related to SSH, when Headless, usually when connected to a display with keyboard mouse etc. you will get the hibernation thing if you do not use the device for more than 10-15 mins, same thing in headless SSH, you are not physically interacting with a device, the SSH is just a service running in the background, and so the computer thinks you are not using it and basically sleeps, even though in reality you are using the computer

maybe something related to WOL?

Nope, WOL is disabled by default.

it’s just the operation of the display, it’s not connected in any way, it seems to me to work on the network

yeah sort of, but this is the hypothesis I came up with, is pent nearly a week figuring that out, so I am sure after hours of testing it must be the right reason.

then the problem itself is inside the system settings, not the hardware, we figured it out!

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Yes exactly, only the display is the problem, I am sure that is also just caused by incompatible display resolution,

@achmadgv please try a different display of supported resolution and see if it works,

for convincing, you can check other assemblies, can you advise the user?

Sure thing, I will ask

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@achmadgv Please see if the Display works in other Firmware, example Android etc.

I would also like to verify that you don’t have any hardware problems, can you make sure that the device’s HDMI port has not been damaged by mis-handling, maybe using cable with a large connector head, that might have very slightly twisted or damaged the connector ?

Also if you can, send some High quality photos of the board, I will try to visually inspect it with my sample :slightly_smiling_face:

in this case, I think it’s better to check for example Android, for HDMI stability,if in doubt

Yes I understand :slight_smile: that but that’s why I also stated

I would think about the equipment last, until I checked different firmware for stability

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