VIM3 +(new)M2X board +EM06-E card

Hi guys. My first post here. Please be gentle.

So I just purchased my first VIM3 with the new M2X board and an EM06-E LTE 4G card and am having problems under Android 9.0. There doesn’t seem to be any apps for call management or messaging, although my contacts are there (populated from Gmail backup).
The card appears to be recognised when I go into system info as the IMEI number comes up and its seeing my SIM card and antenna signal using the correct Optus Network (Yes, i’m in Australia).

I’m thinking I may need to somehow use gapps for the system files that aren’t apparently there.
Any constructive ideas/information would be appreciated.

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Hi ,welcome! Yes, you really have to install third-party applications yourself, for example from the Play Market, as for the recognition of contacts, then the previous Google synchronization will probably help.

There are no problems with this, everything is already out of the box.


Hi Vladimir

Thanks for your response. I did try installing a number of 3rd party apps from the play store but I think it’s deeper than that as they didn’t work and I think it may be due to the the core system files were not in the distro or perhaps they were corrupted.

Oh I should also mention, I had to install SuperCelerons Android 9.0 (SC_VIM3_DEBUG_NORMAL-v6.0-20200729) as the distro the unit came with kept crashing whenever I used any web browser.

Try to contact him on this forum.

Hello, I do not believe the VIM3+EM06-E can be used to make phone calls. I think is for data only.

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I think so too, but theoretically it is possible, through all sorts of messengers, for this you need to implement a microphone and a camera.

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its a 4G LTE modem, it can allow one to do calls with things like skype and other internet calling apps perhaps, but not actually carrier based phone calls…

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Yes, that is my understanding, data only.

Thanks guys. So it looks like you’re right, data only. I just spoke to a rep from Quectel who advised the EM06 cards have limited support for LTE voice so will only really function as a modem.