Vim3 m2x 5.12 Not work eth

in 5.12 work - npu, usb , pcie
NOT work ethernet . If conect usb-ethernet - eth1 work
eth0 show resive and send trafik not get dhcp adres if setup adress manualy not work too
i compile 5.12 manualy and get from file repozitory - not efect ! eth0 not wok!
4.9 ethernet working good
Help my this problem

Did you enable PCIe switch in software ?

I got a similar issue with official 5.12 focal server. Link to my post shows how I fixed it.

I enable pcie if not enable not work ssd
Not work eth0 in main board . On extender m2x not posible test
I use offcial server version 5.12 1.05 and 1.6 . Port work only in kernel 4.9 version

What image in the eMMC?

Can you try to erase the eMMC storage and boot from SD card?