VIM3 Khadas Boot Logo


I wasn’t able to find the right information to replace the Khadas logo for VIM3 / Android 9.

I have my image ready with the correct bitmap format, and I want the image to be included in the android rom, to avoid any operation after compilation and pushing the update.img to the device. I don’t want to “erase” it (black screen), or to push it on the partition after it is uploaded.

The reference is still TBD :

There is information for vim1 and vim2, I’ve tried a few methods but the folder doesn’t match anymore with the latest vim3 files. I’ve tried anyway replacing folders with what I though would be substitute but it sticks to the khadas logo.

Could you help ?

Thank you!



cp xxx.bmp device/khadas/kvim3/logo_img_files/bootup.bmp
find out/target/product/kvim3/ -iname "logo.img" | xargs rm
source build/ 
lunch kvim3-userdebug
make logoimg
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Thank you for the information.

This creates a logo.img file in out/target/product/kvim3/update folder.

After, I’ve tried almost every combinations of commands : Recompile uboot, android source, repush update.img to the device, mix the logo.img inside update.img with aml_image_v2_packer, etc.

In all situations, it updates the device but the khadas logo remains when it boots.

What are the steps after make logoimg to have the logo included in update.img.

Thank you.


Write down all the steps you take, and are you connected to an HDMI monitor or a Mipi screen?

Sorry for the delay. Just found out that it worked but only on HDMI output. I only had the LCD DSI connector when verifying.

Could you indicate how can it shows the updated logo on both screens ?

Thank you!



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does anyone have the latest Firmware of Pie for vim 3L and vim3 without boot khadas logo and without Model in about section description of the model (vim 3…khadas…)
did anyone edit these and have them removed?