VIM3 is awesome

Hey I just got my VIM3 a few days ago and I’m really impressed! My Jetson AGX Xavier just gave up the ghost (prolly a static discharge toasted it), and I am NOT plunking down $3000+ for a replacement. LOL.Besides, I’m tired of being locked into the whole CUDA freakosystem. So I decided to give Khadas a try and it quite fits the bill, so far. I’ve got to say, though, you might want to include the power supply with your kit. I’ve had a lot of issues with stability. 12V usb-c power supplies are just not something a lot of people have laying about the house. VIM3 is not happy with power provided by my MacBook Pro M1Max’s USB-C port, nor any USB-A port I’ve tried. It wasn’t even happy with the USB-C power brick that came with my M1Max. And that’s a 140W brick. Ironically, after I ordered your original 30W wall-wart, I remembered that I also have an older 87W USB-C brick from an Intel MacBook Pro. The VIM3 seems to really like that one. It doesn’t seem to have a 12V level, so I guess the VIM3 is ok with 5V, 9V or 20.2V. It’s probably overkill, cuz the VIM3 could quite luxuriously fit entirely INSIDE the power brick. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on your 30W transformer. But really, if the VIM3 is so temperamental with the power supply, you might want to spell that out in your specs.

I will likely be using the VIM3 in a robot, so I’d appreciate any warnings about pitfalls I might face hooking it up to battery power. Would a 2.5A 12V supply be adequate?

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Yes, this is enough to use

Running ours at 6V and its been stable.

The only power supply that I’ve found stable is an 87W Apple USB-C power brick. I’ve tried it with a 140W Apple USB-C brick, as well as a 20W Apple iPad power wart. Neither of those work. A regular powered USB hub does not work. My MacBook Pro USB-C port does not work.