VIM3 IMX290 base driver

@numbqq , @Frank
Hey guys! So I am using the VIM3 and was hoping to get a driver to work with IMX290. I wanted to know what you guys have and where I can base my work off. There are a few questions I have:

  1. Is there a working driver for IMX290 with VIM4? That would be easier than adapting the OV08A10 driver
  2. either way what is the current stable version and where can I get it? (I am having some trouble understanding the meaning of the name of the branches in the github)


I currently have the vim3-ubuntu-20.04-server-linux-5.17-fenix-1.0.11-220429.img.xz installed


VIM4 unsupport OS08A10 at this time.

If you need to use IMX290 with VIM3, you need to adapted driver by yourself.

Can you point me towards which driver I can adapt from? Also would there be documentation on the existing driver for ov8a10? that would be helpful

Your help would be greatly appreciated.