Vim3 hibernates in headless setup

Hi guys, I have a little bit of a problem, Whenever I am doing a headless operation on the VIM3, in my case I am trying a Hashcat brute force attack after about 20 to 30 mins being Idle,

the VIM3 suddenly hibernates, none the leds glow, and my attached fan does not spin, but the moment I press the power button everything comes back to normal, any ideas how to stop this from happening,

I know its not a hardware problem as i am using a good quality usb c cable and a proper 10W power brick,

This problem does not exist when using a screen and keyboard, mouse,

My firmware is a fenix build of ubuntu sever 20.04 kernel 4.9

@RDFTKV, @Vladimir.v.v any ideas?

it is obvious that vim goes to sleep, as for the cooling fan, then if it works in automatic mode, then it works from 50 °. Have you tried to change something in the settings?

no I have not changed any settings, I am running server edition, by the way there is no fan control it runs Continously from when it is powered on till when it is powered off and shuts down whenever it sleeps in between, is there any way to prevent it to sleep ?

@terry, @Frank any idea to prevent it from sleeping when it is in SSH and inactive for a bit ?

if not difficult, rewrite and watch so that you can already independently track

I want it to do the given work while I doing mine, but I will only come after a long interval, the SSH will will be open on my computer but It suddenly sleeps after a given time interval of inactivity, even though it is connected to the computer

could you enumerate what I should do,

pay attention to the fact that this began to happen after the fan was installed, look for a connection here

Hmm ok, will see that and tell you

try re-recording the image and observe, already with a fan

ok I have it running and it has been idle for about 5 mins,
Do you think it is due to power deprivation, because I don’t think so, the fan is rated 5v and 0.1A, and also if it was power deprived it should have tried to reboot, but in my case it just hibernates until we press the power button and resumes from where it was ,the connection is re-established and it seemed like nothing happened, no reboot, no shutdown, weird :confused:

I do not exclude anything, you will need to check different scenarios

ok I just tested it without the fan connected it does the same thing, sleeps after 10 mins inactivity,
will need to run more tests but I don’t know what else to test, there is no chance of short circuit as it is off the ground and kept on a non conductive surface, it couldn’t be heat because I used the fan to cool it but the fan was connected to a different power supply,

Need some of khadas members insight on this, have you ever had this kind of issue where it turns off after some time when in a SSH after 10 mins of inactivity ?

Note: I see this only happens on the 4.9 kernel not on the 5.x version, could this be some kind of bug ?

Could this issue be related to the MCU present on the board, it doesn’t happen when I am connected to a screen, only when I ssh into it this happens

@Terry, @Frank any ideas guys ?

Something is here on MCU.
Not sure how one would modify it. KBI, UART or Krescue. Many of the values shown can be modified using KBI, I would think it should not be too hard to find a way in.

Hmm, I will come back to it later, I just used ubuntu 20.04-5.7 kernel image will see if it is a issue there also

Ok guys, it was my bad I found the root of the problem, I had GNOME desktop Installed for testing glmark and that was messing around and caused the device to sleep :sweat_smile:, No problem now, thanks for the replies though.

hi, somewhere I wrote it to you :grin:

Yep the I guess then you found the problem a long time ago, Silly me, :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

don’t say so, it’s just that you have an unclear situation :slightly_smiling_face: