VIM3 hang on running

I use the image VIM3_Ubuntu-gnome-focal_Linux-5.12_arm64_SD-USB_V1.0.5-210430.img.xz

Update to the latest…

When I open firefox then VIM3 hangs forever, the fan running at max speed.

I see VIM3 has problems and it unstable.

I tried Ubuntu Focal Server w/ 5.12 from uSD and eMMC and both worked great and has been running stable for a couple of days including fan script. I installed Ubuntu-desktop on it.
The only issue it had was ethernet was not recognized only wifi because of a bug with gnome but I quickly fixed it by adding:
“except:type:ethernet” in /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-globally-managed-devices.conf and then “sudo service network-manager restart” and then associating Ifupdown to eth0 from Ubuntu network-manager GUI.

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What’s the cpu temp graph before it hangs? Any logs or other info you can provide?

Hi, the same problem just occurs to me when playing a video on Android.
it happens about 20 min into the movie, temperatures are never going over 51 (according to integrated sensor). It then freezes, turns off the screen and is not responding anymore.

I just tested it with fan level 3, which makes the temp stay under 40 °C. Same effect;

Hello, What are you using to power your VIM3?

Hi, I am powering directly 5V via the GPIOs and the VIN-Connector under the USB-C connector.
The voltage is 5.2 idling and about 5.1 V under load.

What is the current or watts capability of the power supply?

I do not think the GPIO is suitable to supply power to the VIM3.

If you are using the VIN to provide power, you should not need to supply power elsewhere(GPIO).

If you are using many USB connected peripherals, such as, HIDs, Storage, etc, you may find 5 volts is inadequate and power starvation issues may result. The VIM3 can accept up to 20vdc.
I use the Khadas 24w PD type power supply. With the VIM3, the supply’s power delivery system negotiates for12vdc. I have not experienced regular reboot or hang issues.

Thanks for the feedback. Strangely this only happens watching movies on amazon prime. If i listen to music i have no failures at all. My power supply is 5 Amps at 5 V

5 amps should be adequate(assumes supply delivers it’s rated output). I do not know that a power issue is behind your problem, but it is a good thing to rule out. If you have a suitable substitute PS, maybe try it to see if issue persists.

I would assume playing video typically places a higher demand on system resources than playing music.

I hope you find a solution.

A websearch indicates Amazon Prime Widevine plugin causes crashes on other systems as well.

You may wish to test your board with other high-cpu loads to ascertain that it is not a general issue with high-cpu use.

Hi, I just figured it seems to be a power issue. I will solder some caps to the vim and report my findings
It seems the 5V supply actually dips to 3.89 V when it occurs (when it is running fine, min voltage is 4.25 V)

Report: Now I set in as 1mF and 1F cap directly at the VIM3, but that didn’t help much on it’s own. I increased the wire gauge from 0,35 mm² (AWG22) to 0,75 mm² (AWG19,5?) and this looks way better, looking at the voltages alone. Its running fine for some time now, I’ll report my final result after a long term test.

Thought: Next time, I’ll try to invest in a proper power delivery module for USB-C.