Vim3 firmware update as ota possible?

unfortunately I have to sd card change always pull the hdmi plug. Therefore my question, if it is possible to provide the firmware update as an ota available?
thanks for the support.

it is possible on firmware from superceleron🙂

yes I know, but can i do with the firmware of superceleron a “reboot update” in the android terminal to start coreelec from sd card?

is there an answer to that?
thanks and greetings

Generally if an SD card with an OS is inserted, it will boot from OS on card. To boot from eMMC, card must be removed.
The card slot being under the HDMI port can take some of the fun out of that. Some of us have aquired micro SD card slot extenders to get around the card slot’s location. An example is seen here.

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the micro sd extender slips with me unfortunately from the sd slot