VIM3 feeding frame to ISP from MEM

Hello, I am trying to feed video frames to ISP from a memory buffer instead of from sensor to do some testing before purchasing a camera sensor for the board. Could you guide me on how that could be done?

它这个没法从ddr 里面读数据,它需要依赖前级模块 mipi adapter 给它送数据,adapter 可以支持 从ddr里面取数据

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那我怎麼從adapter發數據呢?如果我用V4L2 的v4l2_m2m_ops 你看行不?

@zhiqi_lai @numbqq
How could that be done? I tried v4l2, but V4L2_CAP_VIDEO_OUTPUT_MPLANE is not supported, so I can’t feed image to the driver.



It need adapter work at DDR_MODE mode, it can transfer one mini raw data into ddr buffer, when adapter is working, adapter will send it into isp.

That’s all I know.

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@zhiqi_lai I will check that out, thank you : ) Where can I get the image output after image is injected?

You can get the output by v4l2 ops (as same as before).
DDR_MODE here just acts as a virtual SENSOR role.

I see, thanks a bunch : )