VIM3 Cross compiling query

@Frank I just have this small question to be clarified.
Since, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine, I just wanted to know how do you debug your code?
1: Which IDE do you use?
2. Have you installed cross compiler on windows or linux side?

For Ex: The code generated by NPU SDK has to be modified as per our architecture of the model. Hence, during this process, we might have to debug the code when we get errors. So please tell me how do you use them?

@Frank I know that its not feasible to install some IDE on VIM3. So how would you suggest me to go about this and debug my code which is supposed to be run on vim3.
Curently, I just do sudo nano xyz.cpp and alter the code. I know this is not feasible when writing own code.
So, please give me an idea how can I do this?
Thanks in advance!

@Akkisony There is no more suitable IDE, I always debug directly on vim3.