VIM3 Connections...What Am I Doing Wrong?

Today I connected my new VIM3 to my PC via a USBc cable and nothing happened except that two of the LED’s on the VIM3 illuminated, first the white LED lit up for 10 seconds or so and then the red LED lit up and both stayed lit up. I also connected the TS050 touch screen to the VIM3 via the supplied cable and the screen did not light up. I also connected the VIM3 to my television via an HDMI cable and got nothing.
Anyone have any idea of what I am doing wrong?

Also I received the two cables in the attached photo…anyone know what they are for?

@Donanon Do you use an external power supply?

No, I did not connect an external power supply, just the USBc cable.

Thanks for replying Frank

@Donanon If you need to connect the HDMI , you need to use an external power supply first.

So if I connect a 12 volt supply via the voltage in 4 pin connector I don’t need the USBc connected? Is it normal for the white and red LED’s to both be illuminated at the same time?

BTW anyone have any idea why my TS050 touch screen will not work?


These are cable for lcd screen and touchpad. There must be another combined cable in black color. It is the same cable but separated and in white color.

TS050 is currently working only on Ubuntu firmware. Android support is coming soon.

Also always power vim3 from an power adapter and not pc as it might not boot correctly with pc power. That led light issue must be due to the half booted device.


Thanks guys, you gave me the solution to my issues. I am posting this from my VIM3 powered by a 12volt 2amp supply connected via HDMI to my television and at this point all is working perfectly…well except that movie playback is very bad with everything having a deep red colour and music play back is anemic with narrow playback bandwidth which I think is related to Android.

Wish I had known about the touchscreen not working with Android and I did read everything I could find about it on the Khadas site but found nothing saying it was not compatible…unless I missed it.