VIM3 cannot get output to HDMI

Which Khadas SBC do you use?

VIM3 A311D

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

recently flash emmc with vim3-android-9-64bit-v230130.img

Please describe your issue below:

No output on HDMI on 1080p screen.
I also try these image


but still got no image on the HDMI output.
when I use ubuntu I notice that the white led is blinking 2 times repeatedly.


Hello, do you mean that your 1080p display cannot be displayed after connecting it to vim3?
Can the previous firmware display normally?

I mean my screen displays nothing when connected to VIM3.


Can the previous firmware display normally?
Check the display for damage

The initial firmware is not displaying anything either.
my first thought was that out of the box, it doesn’t include any image in it. So I try to update it to other image.

the screen is fine with my other PC or laptop


Then do you have other monitors? Try using other monitors to see if they still can’t display. It may be that you unpacked the box for the first time and used it incorrectly or the power supply caused problems inside the board. At this time, the software may not be updated. effect

I have tried with another monitor with no luck.

I use this power supply

I have updated the software. what should I do?

how do I know if I have a defect board or not?


It is recommended to use the power adapter on our official website

If the firmware of the forum cannot light up the display,

you can contact the after-sales service first, because we can’t judge whether there is a problem with the hardware just from the phenomenon

Is there any other way to turn on the device?
perhaps using one of the GPIO pins?

I have used the firmware on the official web. still cannot get the display on the monitor.

I’ll try contact after sales. thank you


I don’t know if you will use the serial port or the adb command

I have a similar issue. It only displays properly on some screens, and others it does not. It displays on my 4K Phillips, but not on my BTT 7" screen. Well, it displays the startup sequence on the BTT but then it stays black when it goes into Krescue.

I think maybe it switches to a higher HDMI standard than 1.4, but not sure.

Hello, what is the resolution of the BTT 7" screen?

1024 x 600 is the resolution,

We have fixed this, and the latest firmware will be released in the near future, you will pay attention to our firmware release