Vim3 boot.img share

hey, any one can share his boot.img file of the vim3 android latest version (pie) ?

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Hi, I’m not at home right now, but you can disassemble update.img yourself, take boot.img from there and flash it into your assembly or whatever you have.

how to disassemble it?

Do you have Windows or Ubuntu?

for now i’m using windows

Try it through AMlogicTools app.

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@taimed Upgrade the latest firmware, and then use the following ADB command to take it out separately boot.img:

C:\Users\25348>adb root
C:\Users\25348>adb remount
C:\Users\25348>adb shell
kvim3:/ # dd if=/dev/block/boot of=boot.img
kvim3:/ # exit
C:\Users\25348>adb pull boot.img .

is there any way to get it ziped in gzip format ?