Vim3 apt repository broken

when trying to install packages from the apt repository I get the following error:

E: Failed to fetch File has unexpected size (8123224 != 8062936). Mirror sync in progress? [IP: 443]
Hashes of expected file:
- SHA256:f48fc229b1c8d153e335fdbedc9ffa93bb409c917d455b1b0598283029c1cc61
- SHA1:dc40fc183737ce514fc0f31fc5fb50be78fe224f [weak]
- MD5Sum:1e30ddcc77f4e63b60c228c0fa9b489f [weak]
- Filesize:8062936 [weak]


@dpmkl what firmware are you using, this looks like a problem of old firmware, use latest firmware (20.04 focal images -4.9 kernel), it will have it pre-installed for you :slight_smile:

The problem is that the repo contains two opencv packages.
The relevant one ( pool/main/o/opencv3/opencv3_3.4.3-2_arm64.deb)
is referenced from both focal and bionic:

However with different file sizes and hashes.
Practically this is a big problem for anybody who cannot, or does not want to, update to focal.

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Exactly, If you update to Focal your problems will be solved,
but for anyone using bionic, you will have problems installing it.

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