VIM3/Android - Unable to connect using ethernet

I am attempting to use the ethernet port in Android. I enabled the ethernet option from the network settings, but I’ve been unable to finish the IP address setup from settings because the Gateway settings page doesn’t bring up a keyboard/advance. After enabling the ethernet option, I’ve restarted many times, but it still says ‘Active: M2X (Reboot for changes to take effect)’.

I’ve set the static IP address using ip/ifconfig commands and those settings take, but it will never show a status of ‘UP’ in ‘ip link show’, though the port is set to be up.

I need to get this ethernet port working asap, so I’m hoping someone has some tips that can get me going. Thanks!

Someone else had said that they had a similar issue where the onscreen keyboard wouldn’t show up. The issue seems to be thanks to android thinking that the pointer/touchpad/mouse that you have, contains a physical keyboard attached to it and so doesn’t bring up the keyboard. I think their solution at the time was playing around with the interface untill the onscreen keyboard showed up.

Thanks, I ended up using my PC’s mouse to select the field and get through the IP settings. Unfortunately I still have the same problem. The ethernet device can be configured correctly, but the link seems completely dead and the M2X message persists.