VIM3 Android Pie V211220 ROM Release

Here release the Android Pie ROM

Check Firmware Page to download the ROM.

ROM Infos:

  • ROM version: VIM3_Pie_V211220.7z
  • MD5SUM: 79834fb9516d1438f9e82b6fb574201d
  • The ROM is for EMMC installation only

Change Log

  • fixup camera app can not auto install when plug usb camera
  • enlarge init env arg number to fixup recovery mode reboot issue
  • fixup Navigation bar display problem when chagne density
  • fixup systemui crash when change
  • update npu to version
  • extend board add logo led control mode
  • fix dts can not work normal issue

Upgrade guidance:

Hi, in this version you can change the default Bluetooth a2dp, change the bluetooth mode to a2dp sink?

@yuriy19723 ,bluetooth A2DP sink mode, there will be no sound after playing for a period of time, and will build it to ROM after repair

Hi. I don’t understand anything from your answer. TerryKhadas Team

Dec '21

Hi yuriy,
We will release the next firmware before December 15th, and it can change the bluetooth mode on Settings menu. This is one of the answers from one of your developers

Settings menu is ok,but if play for a long time .sink mode will appear no sound

Hi, Why is it needed then if you can’t use sound?

hello, tonight I was stitching, but I could not find where the bluetooth mode switches

V211220 rom have no bluetooth mode switches ,i did not added it

Hello, when is it foreseen? It seems that they promised to make a new firmware with Bluetooth switching by December 15?In addition, GPS via uart does not work.