VIM3 Android Pie HDMI resolution testing

Anyway, UI still works on 1920x1080 in this ROM. It is not native resolution :slight_smile:

@davemf do you know any DSI based LCD compatible on the VIM3 7inches or bigger ?, there was some people asking about it, maybe you could recommend something for them…

Do they need HDMI LCD or not?

I only saw them talking of DSI displays…
Take a look here…

No, I don’t know. I use HDMI only and this is the best seller.

Ok, thank you…
If you do know anything please give them a hand…

we will help you first, and then we will help them

Why? have I become a VIP or something, lol
we have to help everybody equally, no ordering
(maybe in FIFO order, just to be fair…)

Yeah, display worked with my VIM1 board, but unfortunately I have no opportunity to test it now. I’ve burned if down occasionally =( . It looked like this:


are you Superman or Batman?

Umm, looking at the photo @pawelseweryn sent…,
I think yours is a fake copy of the Waveshare ones…

Looks like it is a copy, I agree

it is probably better to always take in a company store, as practice shows😕

Yes, you mentioned this many times, now it seems to be happening alot :see_no_evil:

I am ZephyrLabs youtube channel “Cameraman” :stuck_out_tongue:

@Clownmik, where did you purchase it, on eBay ? you need to be more careful while purchasing, but atleast are you getting 60Hz FPS with it ? if yes, I think it was worth it anyway as Davemf said even the original can only do 43 FPS :smiley:

I’ve tested today my LCD with Tinker Board. It has run “out of the box” with 1024x600x60Hz on Android (7.1.2, kernel 4.4.112, but it is rk3288 based). So I’m 100% sure that this LCD (at least driver) from Waveshare can run 1024x600x60Hz on other systems and boards.

Hi. I downloaded your firmware to check the resolution of 1024768, and installed it on my VIM3. I enabled this resolution for my screen (1024768) and it was saved on reboot. But the quality of the image on the screen was not affected. The image quality in automatic resolution 19201080 is the same as in 1024768(the image is good: bright, contrasting, clear). In my case, the screen has an incorrect geometry of objects (the circle is oval, the square is rectangular, the image is stretched vertically) and the new resolution did not change the wrong geometry of objects. Android apps have “Keystone correction”, but horizontal and vertical changes don’t work, the shape doesn’t change.

Is it possible to create similar rom image for VIM3L? I’d like to try it. Thanks.

@davemf Have you tested all other resolutions? If not, please help to test whether other resolutions are OK, thank you! I only tested following resolution on my monitor
1680x1050p60 Hz
These resolutions are OK

I have tested this resolutions:

  • 1440x900p60hz
  • 640x480p60hz
  • 800x600p60hz
  • 1680x1050p60hz
  • 1024x600p60hz
  • 1600x900p60hz
  • 1360x768p60hz
  • 1280x800p60hz
    These resolutions are OK
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ok ,thank you , Do you have a monitor to test the remaining resolution?