VIM3 Android Pie HDMI resolution testing

I’m downloading the last Android image posted by jasonl. The first one is corrupted and can’t be opened by WinRAR. If the newer archive can be opened, I’ll test the VESA resolutions (Dell 30", 2560x1600 native, w/ VESA scaling)

I don’t see how this could solve the issue of no display on a VESA monitor at boot, because that’s going to be a display chip firmware/microcode issue. Even a text screen won’t display.

Khadas: If you’re developing electronics for home entertainment, use only home entertainment equipment for development. If you’re developing electronics for the computing industry, use only computing industry equipment for development. A TV is not the same as a computer monitor and the VIM3 as sold doesn’t work with computer monitors. At all.

Also, it makes more sense to create an Ubuntu test build. It will be much smaller and it likely includes the tools to test all of the possible video timings.

No, jasonl’s most recent android test image is corrupted and can’t be opened. I waited almost a year for a fix, but Khadas can’t get WinRAR to work, so there’s little risk they’ll sort out a microcode issue.

An RMA form and refund for this TV-only board would be a nice gesture.

I need many vim3 with 12800x480 will it be added?

you can download the new fw,20200917 , i added 1280x480

I updated but there are still lines in the screen

you can modify the timing by yourself according to this doc

looked into it and cant seem to figure it out I have this any way i can get some help?

Hi @jasonl
How to add 800x480 resolution?

800x480 resolution is added in new fw (20200917),you can download fw and test it ,if not ok ,you can change the timings according the doc provided by me ,here is doc

Hello!!! How to choose 1280x480?

firmware 20200917 have only 800x600, 640x480, and don’t have in settings 800x480

if your monitor support 800x480 ,but don’ t have in settings ,This is caused by a mismatch between the EDID parameter and the timings parameter in the code

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My display has native 800x480 and we test it on your boot, but I don’t see it on new ROM.
Could you tell me please how to see full list of resolutions?

@jasonl , are you planning to support 1920x720 for automotive devices for VIM3L? etc. dashboard.

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800x480 does not work on my display.

So I have been reading over this,
Translating into English it outlines that I MUST have all the specified items outlined to make the calculation. The datasheet for my LCD panel does not show the pixel clock so I am not sure how to complete the calculations in order to implement the change into the source code.

working with HSD123KPW1-A30

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I cant figurre it out any way I can get some help or even a video to show what to do


full list of resolutions are included in edid info,if the timings para in code matched edid para ,it will displayed as a supported resolution in settings

Your 800*480 is wrong, nobody can use it with their displays.

I’m also using a HSD123KPW1 and trying to get the correct resolution (1920x720) to work, without success. Would happily send over some beer-money to whomever providing a step-by-step guide.