VIM3 Android OTA Problem

Hi, I want to make OS OTA, which I compiled for VIM3, from your AOSP, which I compiled for VIM3. The relevant file is downloading. It verifies but doesn’t boot. Is it possible to do an OTA?

VIM3 can make an ota update now


Could you please help me with this AOSP OTA update?
What changes did you make in AOSP?

why do you need AOSP OTA update ?

I want to update my system app through OTA.
That is why I want to build AOSP OTA package.
What is the way to do that?

Hii @jasonl

Do I need to build ‘OTAUpgrade2’ to update system app through OTA?

yes, the path is vendor/amlogic/common/apps/OTAUpgrade2/

Device Preference->About->UPDATE can open the app

Yes, I tried that.
I added OTAUpgrade2 into file but I don’t see that app in OUT directory.
Why it is not building OTAUpgrade2 app?

My file:

diff --git a/common/products/mbox/ b/common/products/mbox/
old mode 100644
new mode 100755
index 090b44c…77beacd
— a/common/products/mbox/
+++ b/common/products/mbox/
@@ -115,6 +115,10 @@ endif
TvSettings \

  • OTAUpgrade2 \
  • GoogleSearch

it is OTAUpgrade not OTAUpgrade2

Yes, I can see ‘out/target/product/kvim3/product/app/OTAUpgrade’.
Is it right?

yes , **out/target/product/kvim3/product/app/OTAUpgrade is right

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Okay…That is great.

Do I have to generate target file for My system app?
How do I do that?

you need to configure your ota server and build ota update zip

OTAUpgrad2’ is same as ‘SystemUpdaterSample’?


I am getting this error while building SystemUpdaterSample app downloaded from here → updater_sample - platform/bootable/recovery - Git at Google.

Error: vendor/amlogic/common/apps/SystemUpdaterSample/Android.bp:15:1: unrecognized module type “package”

Hiii @jasonl

I am trying to build SystemUpdaterSample app but getting errors while building it.


vendor/amlogic/common/apps/SystemUpdaterSample/src/com/example/android/systemupdatersample/ error: cannot find symbol
import android.os.UpdateEngine

Is UpdateEngine not a part of Android Pie AOSP?

If you want to implement the OTA function, you must first deploy the OTA server, and use OTAUpgrade apk as the client,no need to try other app

Will OTAUpgrade2 update my system app through OTA?

Hii @jasonl

After adding OTAUpgrade2 my VIM3 is not getting on.
It continuously getting rebooted.

I saw partition_a during flashing.

Is it right?
Why my board is continuoulsy booting after OTAUpgrade2 installation?