Vim3 android kernel update

I have built my own android kernel for vim3 , how can I load it to the sbc ?

Hey ! this can be done from the system itself, while you must have root rights, or twrp, which method do you like?

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any FUNCTIONAL method , that I can do using my computer and vim3 sbc

noting that I have the Image.gz file now

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Root rights are mandatory, for example, you can use an Android application called Rashr, from where you can calmly flash boot.img

any step by step tutorial ?

Only in your case you need to select boot.img!

I have the Image.gz file now

may need to be repackaged in .img, you can also contact Terry for help.
Good luck to you!

yep, you need to unpack the image, replace the kernel, and repack
there is also scripts and programs available for this

here is just a set of steps you need to follow

  • you need a back up of the existing boot.img file,
  • unpack the .img file,
  • replace the linux.gz file
  • repack the .img file
  • flash the image to the boot partition with ADB fastboot

@Terry your presence will be well welcomed here

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@taimed image

How did you build your onw android kernel?
I spent days on this topic but just got stuck. Looking forward to having your suggestions :]

Google’s guide for building VIM3 Kernel on Using Reference Boards does NOT work on my Ubuntus 18.04 VM. I met too many build error while running it.

And @numbqq replied me on this topinc - please do not use Fenix to build anything of android . He suggested that fenix should NOT be used to update Android. Just for your reference :]