VIM3 Android 2 displays?

I’m considering purchasing a VIM3 but I have a specific project that I would like to use it for that requires me to be able to run android, and have multiple displays running.

I’ve tried other boards with Alt mode DP over USB-C + HDMI which is the 2 preferred methods of output and it did not work or was not stable.

I’m wondering is there a current build of Android for the VIM3 that supports this? (DP over USB-C and HDMI at the same time) has this functionality been tested? I’ve purchased about 3 other boards so figured I should probably ask the community/maintainers before making another purchase.

I’ve also searched the forums here and haven’t found that exact situation discussed, thanks for any information you’re able to provide.

@zackh VIM3 android don’t support DP over USB-C display at present