VIM3 and SIM7600 M2 modem on Android - how to start


I’m using VIM3 sbc with M2X extension board. I wanted to play a bit with Android system, currently on board is version 9 build VIM3_Pie_V210908.

I have a modem SIM7600G-H-M2 which is supposed to work with Android devices but… it looks like I need a stater guide to set it properly. I have RIL files for it, but I’m no even sure how to use them.

Can you recommend something?

Hello again

I’ve been reading about the modem configuration. I found out that I have to copy some files from RIL archive and modify init.rc. I got myself “termux” and “visual studio” to work with files, but I cannot paste anything into /system folder.

@jasonl, @goenjoy
Can you help?

mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/system /system \n
you shoud remount system partition

I have tried it and I have received response “mount: max 2 arguments”. When I replaced “,” with “-” I got “mount: ‘/system’ not in proc/mounts”

Second option also shows up if I try it after sending “su” command.

Thank you for the idea to remount partition, I managed to remount and paste files by using:

mount -o rw,remount /
Yet, I still can’t make the modem work. Init.rc now contains at the end:

#modified by simcom
service ril-daemon /system/bin/rild - l /system/lib/
class main
socket rild stream 660 root radio
socket rild - debug stream 660 radio system
#---- gps supported ??? --------------------
socket rild - gps stream 660 radio system
user root
group radio cache inet misc audio sdcard_rw

I also copied rild and (edit: too) to mentioned locations and… even after restart I don’t see any change.

Getprop returned nothing like it wasn’t working. No settings for modem showed up in device settings.

Modem is connected through M.2 slot and seems powered up (green light on it).

@jasonl, @goenjoy
Any idea what might went wrong?