VIM2 + Tone Board?


I’m looking for direction on how I can connect the VIM2 board to the Tone Board. I would like to achieve the following.

  1. Connect Tone board to VIM2 via 40-Pin Header
  2. Install Volumio / Roon on VIM2
  3. Feed Audio data to Tone Board via I2S (40-Pin header)
  4. Tone Board decode and output signal via RCA

Please advise if this can be done?


Just use USB and PWR of VIMs

Of course OK

It can not feed I2S data to TB DAC or XMOS

YES,please see here:

Does that mean that to connect to the tone board is via VIM2 host USB -> USB C input on tone board

VIMs USB is also available on the pin header. You can connect the USB signal directly via the headers.

Thanks for the clarification