Vim2 Max strange issues

Hi, I am new here.
I finally received the Vim2 Max ordered from Gearbest.
The device occasionally crashes with no signal on the hdmi port, no response from the remote control, white LED stayed on and the only solution is to restart with the reset button.
Seems that the issue occurs only when editing settings using an wireless airmouse or a wireless touchpad, but not with the infrared controller (I’ll do more tests on it).
The problem occurs both on the stock rom and on the last “Khadas VIM2 - SCV3 beta” by Superceleron.
No issues, however, in common use.

Hi, achmav:
Can you try again with the latest Android ROM VIM2_Nougat_V170831, the preinstalled ROM of 1st batch did with issues :slight_smile:

Kindly feedback again, and we will keep following this up.


Thanks Gouwa.

After further testing I discovered that craschs also occur in other circumstances.
Before changing rom I tried to replace the power supply, a Lenovo 2A charger, with a 1,35A Asus charger. For now there were no other issues.
I will continue testing with fingers crossed and let you know (meanwhile I ordered a usb tester to check the charger).

Yep, forgot to told you a 5V 2A adapter is recommended.

Just do more testing, and feedback if any problems.