VIM2 max not available now


Someone knows when max version will be available again?


Hi Tomasz:
As we plan to launch new VIM2 next month, so the existing VIM2 not available :slight_smile:

Have fun!


Is this version will be still working with dvb-t header?

I’ve been trying to buy max version because my current one died (looks like overheating).
Is it possible to sen my vim2 max to repair it or so?
PS. This time I’m going to buy as well heat sink …


Yes, compatible.

Sure thing, check Khadas Shop Faq for the instructions.

Shouldn’t be, but how you judge that the issue caused by overheating? And can you specify more information on your ‘died’ VIM2, maybe we can figure out the solution to recovery it :smile:

Good luck!


I noticed that the Vin connector has changed in V3 compared to V1 and V2
What is necessary to buy a connector?


Yes, the VIN connector is removed from the new VIM2.

Not quite clear what you mean here.


sorry i was wrong. I thought that the power connector is now J4 (Cooling Fan). Now you can power up only via USB-C? or can i use J16 (VIN_POGO)?


The VIN_POGO still works :wink:

Purchase impossible

I use the GPIO header for powering mine - works fine and i run them at pretty full loads - easier to find a mating connector as well!


Just checked and I’m still witin 1 year on my delivery so looks I can try to do RMA.
Issue only is that I’ve ordered my vim2+dvb-t header over AlieExpress.
Can I still do RMA?


Yes, sure thing.

Please paste a label with detailed issue before shipping back.