Vim2 led problem

My vim2 board the white led has stopped working, the blue led works on system power down, any help would be appreciated

Hello, If running Android, check Settings/More settings/LED.

did it doesn’t matter what setting you have it on it doesn’t light up

The VIM2 device still working just white LED stopped right?

Can you take a HD photo on your VIM2 device and post here?


What a huge waste of money that vim is I put mine in the bin, a bag of bolts its the worst piece of garbage I’ve ever bought, I fire stick 2nd edition is better !!!

It all depends on what you want to do with it.
I am satisfied with VIM2 especially after mounting heat-sink and in new DIY case.


do you want it out of the case? yes device still works just white led does not

Hello, That is a little vague. Curious, what did you not like about it, specifically?

Well I got a case a heatsink and the FAN and I’m only running kodi and APKS in bedroom, its 1 nastie bit of kit its that bad it dosnt even rip a movie from popcorn without it shutting down half way very very very POOR!!!..

Some issues can be traced back to under-performing power supplies. Have you attempted using other power supplies?

When I get home late tonight, I will see what I get from popcorn.
What OS and version is loaded on your VIM?


I have 16 boxes all in from a shield to a 1st edition stick it ain’t power supply I have the new vim 3 64 bought it 3 month ago and its now a door stop.

I’m not sure I understand how having 16 boxes means the VIM’s power supply is adequate. A DMM, would provide a better test(under load).

Doorstop? Is it bricked? What OS and version was on it when it last ran?

It should be sold problem, the white LED is close to Acrylic case, may fall off after a collision. You can contact the custom service where you bought the VIM2 for a return, or if you want we can just ship you a DIY Case for free.

Sorry for the trouble :blush:

Show a photo of how you have a radiator with a fan.

Wow. VIM-3 has been on sale for several months … I’m behind the times … You will have to determine what model you have VIM1 or VIM2 or VIM3 …

Yep its the most junky open source device i have ever bought . no god support and no fast development . i hope my words reach the developer of this bloody thing . man why didn’t you understand the beauty of open source devices . why when i come to this form i feel
that the place is full of $ catchers no sharing old mentality for the technology . that’s why xda and thingivers and other respective people are neglecting you and your bloody product . because you are money seeker not a developer ,