Vim2 Fan Doesn't Work

Hello - The fan on my vim2 doesn’t seem to work. I’ve checked that it is installed correctly. Should it spin at all times or only above certain temperatures?

The cooling fan work on automate mode as default, and it will on if the temperature is rise up.

May I know that which version ROM you installed?

Have fun!

Hello, The fan is controlled by settings. Go to Settings/ More Settings. Under “Device” is the Cooling Fan Setting. Choices are, On/Off, Automatic speed control(temperature dependent), Low/Med/High speed.


Thanks for the responses. I’m running CoreELEC.

Do you know what temperature the fan turns on?

The Android I am running on the VIM 2(VIM2_DualOS_Nougat_Ubuntu-16.04_V180622), the fan comes on ~50c, turns off ~46c.
Sorry not sure about CoreELEC.