Vim2 crashes every view seconds

Today my VIM2 arrived, i build it up up and boot the Device. And now it crashes every view seconds. Sometimes it works 50 Seconds but normally it crashes every 15 Seconds without do anything.
So what is to do?

What model of vim2?
what firmware is there? android

I have installed Coreelec, this works stable (no remote, hope i can fix this)
so it must be an issue with andoid. I don´t need android, so the hardware seems to be ok.

Hi, ThomasHH:
Can you check again the spec of the power adather you used? Be note that a 5V 2000mA adapter is recommended for VIMs.


must be ok checked the specs.

See Amazon Product

You have to check the quality of the adapter, as gouwa suggested 5V2A adapter is recommended, so give it a try with another adapter.

i don´t think it´s a problem with the power supply, because Coreelec works pretty fine (ok there is an issue with the remote) it just crashes with android.

Hello, what Android firmware is on your VIM2?

Regarding the power supply, CE could run fine on a power supply falling short of spec, however, if Android demands a greater load than CE, the power supply may fail to deliver the additional current. Also, many power supplies sold fall short of their advertised specs, this is almost common. Many issues cited on this forum have been resolved with a power supply swap.
Don’t know if your issue is PS related, but I would not rule it out…
Hope you find a solution.


I can’t say with Android it was. The VIM2 was brandnew. Yesterday i installed Coreelec on eMMC. So Android is history :slight_smile: But before that i tried another Power Supply. Same problem. There was no load, Android crashes only on desktop, no interaction or playing a Videofile. Coreelec works even with 4K with both power supplies. No crash after hours.

I assume new devices are flashed by the batch. It may be possible that the unit experienced some imperfection in the flashing process. It can happen. Re-flashing Android might resolve it.
As you stated, likely the hardware is OK. :slight_smile:
Devices that are used as dedicated streamers, CE is a good choice.
Of course, multiboot firmware is available, also boot/run from SD card options.
Glad you worked it out.
Have fun. :+1: