VIM2 Connectors

Hi Gouwa.
I tried to find the old connectors that are used on the Board VIM2 for the fan and battery, but I found only these links. Can you tell me what connectors can be used to build adapter ? I want to try to build an adapter to connect to the fan connector on the Board VIM2, my test fans.

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Hi, Balbes150:
Yep, the 3rd link you showed is okay for the cooling fan.

For the 4PIN VIN connnector, you can refer this link:

  • Header on VIM2 board: BM04B-GHS-TBT
  • Housing for wires: GHR-04V-S

Further info & info2

Have fun!


Hi Gouwa

Connector with wire for the fan on the third link is only available from 1000 pieces. I don’t need so many :). Gouwa, you can give me a other link to connector for fan VIM2 ?
You planning to release the adapter from the fan connector on the Board VIM2, on standard versions of the 2PIN connectors that are commonly used on fans. I think this adapter at low cost of production, many users will want to buy the 3-5$ for the VIM2.
By the way, if you add a set of fan for VIM-1, with this adapter, you can issue one set of fan for all produced now models VIM. You can take as a basis the existing option kit fan for VIM-1, add an adapter to the VIM2, radiator (in my tests is enough 20x20x6), and can produce a new universal kit for all VIM.

Сonnectors (RTC and FAN) was added on aliexpress

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Ordered and paid for. :slight_smile:

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In the UK (/Europe) RS components have the bits required
Crimp connectors
Cable assemblies

The trick is minimum quantity housing is 10 (I want 1), 100 crimp connectors or 10 cable assemblies (I figure to use 2, cut in half). If anyone else (UK/Europe) is interested to split/share an order maybe I would feel less bad about wasting so much!

What about this one?:

Link AliExpress

Looks OK to me, US$13 for QTY 20 though.

What about the IPEX connector for attaching external wifi antenna?
From my understanding, there are 4 types of IPEX connector, the difference lies mostly in the height of the connector.

Which type should we use for Khadas Vim 2? Should we opt for the connector with the thinnest profile as seen on the link below or just stick to the normal tall profile type?

After testing: It works.

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