VIM2 connectors type (FAN, RTC, Power input)

The VIM2 has other connectors are not as in the VIM1.

What is the connectors type?

FAN - ?
RTC - ?
Power - ?

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Hello, From VIM2 schematic at

there are no types of connectors used.
Interest in the names, specifications, type, part number, connectors used, and most importantly, their mates.

Sorry, I misinterpreted your original post.
Khadas team will likely have connector type and related information for VIM2.

Would be particularly interested what the VIN connector is on the VIM2. (I have in mind to supply power there to free the USB-C connector.)

Looking at the board it clearly requires some kind of spade connector. Looking at the schematic J8 has 6 connectors, 4 on 1 side and 2 on the other. (And obviously very different to the original VIM.)

Hi, Gouwa.

We need connecters type!!! Please tell, What is connectors type? And where to buy it?

Hi, Dukla2000 & Davemf:
Check the Topic for the information.

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Сonnectors (RTC and FAN) was added on aliexpress

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