VIM2 Build VIM2_Nougat_20170929 Download

Hello Everyone,

I’m a new one in the VIM2 world ! I have received my VIM2 Max today and the product seem good hardware quality, good point!

I have start my VIM2 and I found a Android Build installed, the version of the build is VIM2_Nougat_20170929

I want to start to test other build (Android TV for example) but before change the version of the OS, I have check where I can find the Build installed in my unit.

I don’t find this build in the download (

The newer I found is VIM2_Nougat_V170831

My question is : Where can download the Build VIM2_Nougat_20170929 ?

Thanks for your job!

I’m waiting for your answer to start to play with my new toy :wink:


Hi, Netsniper:
We haven’t uploaded the 20170929 version ROM yet, you can just try any new VIM2 ROM and we recommend to the latest one if you want to burn back to Android ROM.

Enjoy your toy!

Hi Gouwa !

Many thanks for the upload of the lastest release (VIM2_Nougat_V171028 AND VIM2_Nougat_vTV_V171024)

I will push it in the toy :wink: