VIM2 and FAN not work

I just install original radiator and fan, but fan not work! What it can be?


There are several possible reasons. Non-working fan. Not working connector of the fan (a bad contact between cable and plug). You can test the operation of the fan by connecting a normal 1.5 volt battery to the fan connector. If I’m not mistaken, the red wire is plus and black is minus.

I had the same concern. The wires on the connector are reversed.

Hi kirgudu:
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Can you help to screw down the fan from the Heatsink and take a photo of the bottom side of the fan and post here to check if it’s in right connection as below:

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Fan works on AA battery.
Then connect to VIM2 - no voltage on FAN. :frowning:

Can you help to check again if there is voltage on the Fan Header?


Where wires soldered to fan - no voltage.

Seems that it’s defect one, can you contact the retailer where you purchased for a return?

Sorry for the troubles!

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