VIM1S not working at all


i’m trying to boot a VIM1S, but oowow is not working at all,
i see with hdmi output just the oowow sign and no network cable,

can anyone point me to a solution please ? i tried to upgrade the spi flash too.

i built a debian distribution with the fenix tool, but vim1s does not boot at all…

please help me, i have ten of these for a project laying on the shelf !

Can you follow the user manual to boot into OOWOW with PRESS the Func key ?

  1. try get some logs from UART serial console
  2. led indication
  3. try boot from from SD write image to sd
  4. check more information about OOWOW [Khadas Docs]
  5. if nothing works return or change device please


Est ce que vous avez réussi à le faire démarrer. J’ai le même soucis avec mon VIM1S neuf, il ne va pas au delà du logo: oowow.
Merci d’avance;

Simple google translation (which the author could have done to start with)

Did you manage to get it started? I have the same problem with my new VIM1S, it doesn’t go beyond the logo: oowow.
Thank you in advance;

tnx for tip :wink: no problem for translate

reboot in loop ?
what about led indication ?