Vim1s First Time boot impossible


I’ve just received a new vim1s.
I tried different power cable, different power supply and different hdmi cable but I can’t boot.
When the power is on, I’m stuck on the Khadas logo and just under, the OOWOW logo for something like 15-20 second before the system reboot.

Do you have any solution ?
It’s the first boot so I need to go to the OOWOW panel to install Ubuntu.


Can you follow the user manual to press FUNC key to boot into oowow?

When I hold function and press reset, the system reboot.

Hello @Bassclik

Yes, it will reboot and boot into oowow.

Well, it’s the same thing :disappointed:
Hold the function key and press the reset one send me to the screen in picture before rebooting.
It’s like the vim can’t access to the system.

Hello @Bassclik

Do you use our PD adaptor?