VIM1 in Upgrade Mode


I am trying to flash linux image on to VIM1 board using burn-tool
I used power & reset butting to boot in fash mode, but when I run burn-tool I get following error.
Please suggest resolution.

Try to burn Amlogic image…
ERROR: You should put your board enter upgrade mode!

I have upgraded VIM1 & VIM2 earlier using this method.

Please make sure the board has enter upgrade mode successfully. Check with lsusb | grep Amlogic

You’d better to remove the TF card if it is a booting card.

lsusb | grep Amlogic does not show anything & there is no flash card in device

Please check the USB cable connection and you can try to change other USB cable.

You can also try to enter Mregister mode.

Tried with other usb cable & it worked. But I have used this cable earlier for flashing. What could be the problem?